StarFiber 150 P / 300 P Fiber Laser StarFiber 150 P / 300 P Fiber Laser
StarFiber 150 P / 300 P Fiber Laser

StarFiber 150/300 P Fiber Laser

The Coherent StarFiber 150/300 P fiber laser combines high pulse energy and peak power with high beam quality and is characterized by high electrical efficiency, low maintenance and compact design. It is the economic solution for demanding welding, cutting, and drilling applications.

Pulsed Fiber Laser for Fine Welding, Cutting, and Drilling

The StarFiber 150 P is available as a multimode or single mode source. The StarFiber 300 P comes as a multimode source only. These air-cooled lasers exceed the requirements of flexible industrial production and their modern industrial interface makes them easy to integrate.

Features at a glance

• High peak power (1.5 kW/3.0 kW)

• High pulse energy (15 J/30 J)

• Available with scanner and fixed optics

• Coherent SmartWeld™ technology for optimized welding properties

• Easy to integrate

• Convenient operator control through innovative control unit (RCU)

Typical Applications

• Fine laser welding

• Fine laser cutting

• Precision laser drilling

• Scribing of brittle materials