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The Rapid series of high power industrial picosecond lasers is offered in two configurations: 6W at 1064 nm and 1000 kHz, and 10W at 1064 nm and 1000 kHz. The lasers are ideal for industrial microprocessing of a wide range of materials.

High-Power Industrial Picosecond Laser

The RAPID series of picosecond lasers are designed for industrial microprocessing. They offer a new level of precision and versatility.

The RAPID series - integrated into a work station - can ablate (micromill) any material without thermal side effects, without force onto the work piece and with high precision (µm-range lateral, about 10 nm depth control).

The RAPID consists of a sealed, compact laser head and a power supply. It only requires an ordinary main connection. The internal cooling system makes it independent from environmental conditions. The included intuitive software controls all laser functions via internal industrial PC. An optional DLL allows control of the laser via an external network.

Features & Benefits

  • RAPID: 6W at 1064 nm and 1000 kHz; RAPID 10: 10W at 1064 nm and up to 1000 kHz
  • Pulse on demand
  • Burst mode
  • High beam quality M2 < 1.3
  • Superior beam parameter and pointing stability across the complete PRF range
  • Industry approved
  • Low maintenance
1064 nm (532 nm and 355 nm optional)
Pulse Repetition Rate (kHz)
0 to 1000
Spatial Mode
TEM00 (M2 < 1.3)
Pulse Duration (ps)
Pulse-to-Pulse Energy stability (% rms)
<1 at 1064 nm and 500 kHz
<1 at 1064 nm and 200 kHz
Average Power Stability over 8 hours (% rms)
<1 at 1064 nm and 500 kHz
<1 at 1064 nm and 200 kHz
Polarization Ratio
Beam Divergence, Full Angle (mrad)
<2.1 at 1064 nm
Beam Circularity (%)
Beam-Pointing Stability in Full PRF Range (µrad/°C)
Electric Supply
100 to 230 VAC/50 to 60 Hz
Beam Diameter at 1064 nm (μm)
750 to 1200 (Laser Head Output)
1500 to 2000 (Module Output)
Bore-Sight Accuracy
± 0.5 mm and <5 mrad
Warm-Up Time (minutes)
<40 from chiller start

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