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EVO Series Open Welders

Laser welding systems for metal workpieces small to large

Open concept welding systems offering ease-of-use, operational flexibility, and both manual and CNC operation

EVO Series open welders combine an efficient, reliable, pulsed fiber laser source (average output powers from 150 W to 600 W), both manual (joystick) and full CNC control, and an intuitive, yet powerful, user interface. The result is a welding system that consistently delivers high precision, yet is fast, efficient and easy-to-use for both simple and complex welding tasks. In addition to welding and wire welding, powder cladding can also be performed.

There are two EVO Series open welders.

EVO Station utilizes a built-in, 350 kg load capacity work table to hold parts. The table can be moved in x, y and z (total travel 200 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm).

EVO Mobile mounts the beam delivery optics on an articulated arm with more than six feet (2 m) of reach, allowing it to be brought directly to heavy parts, or parts which cannot be moved. Additionally, there is a powder cladding head accessory available for the EVO Mobile.

Both systems allow the operator to view the work piece through a stereomicroscope, and then control welding manually, by joystick, or weld in full CNC mode.

A simple, touchscreen interface makes operation intuitive, and also provides access to a number of features that enable weld optimization under a wide variety of conditions. One of these is pulse ramping, which prevents overlapping a weld when following closed contours (such as a circle). Pulse energy control delivers consistent welds even as part thickness changes, or when welding near work piece edges. The ability to control pulse shape permits laser output to be precisely optimized for virtually any material. In addition, the EVO Series open welders allow the focused spot size at the work surface to be varied by the operator, and automatically detect which focal length focusing optic is installed.