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CUBE Lasers

An all-in-one laser system with a compact 40 mm by 100 mm footprint. All electronics included in the laser. Separate cables, control box and power supply included.

  • Compact solid-state package
  • Superior beam quality
  • Minimal laser output RMS noise
  • CDRH Class IIIb safety compliance
  • USB and RS-232 control
  • CW and pulsed up to 150 MHz
  • Analog and digital modulation

CUBE Diode Laser System

Part Name Description
1112774 CUBE 375-16C System, 375 nm, 16mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1142279 CUBE 405-100C System, 405 nm, 100mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069418 CUBE 445-40C System, 445 nm, 40mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1174040 CUBE 488-50C System, 488 nm, 50mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069410 CUBE 635-30E System, 635 nm, 30mW, Elliptical Beam (RoHS)
1150205 CUBE 640-100C System, 640 nm, 100 mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1069417 CUBE 640-40C System, 640 nm, 40mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1130061 CUBE 660-100C System, 660 nm, 100 mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1094060 CUBE 660-60C System, 660 nm, 60mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1184303 CUBE 685-40C System, 685 nm, 40MW, Circular Beam (RoHS)
1178855 CUBE 730-30C System, 730 nm, 30mW, Circular Beam (RoHS)

CUBE lasers are high-performance, full-feature diode laser systems. Each contains a laser head, power supply, cable, and control box. The system is designed to be one of the easiest to set-up and use. The CUBE delivers the most power, stability and performance—in the smallest package—with the best value.

All CUBE electronics, optics and thermal management are built into the head. Every system includes a full-feature cable that lets you access all the features inside the CUBE. A compact 6V power supply, a control box for safety features, and USB software to drive the laser are also included.

CUBE Connection
LabVIEW Sample
Features & Benefits

Improvements to the CUBE 405 nm, 445 nm, 635 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm and 785 nm lasers:

  • M2 has been improved from <1.5 to ≤1.2
  • Laser output RMS noise improved from <0.2% to ≤0.1%
375 nm
16 mW
405 nm
100 mW
445 nm
40 mW
488 nm 50 mW
635 nm
30 mW
640 nm
40 mW & 100 mW
647 nm
100 mW
660 nm
60 mW & 100 mW
685 nm 40 mW
730 nm 30 mW
785 nm
40 mW

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