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Photonics Solutions at the Speed of Relevance

Whether it’s laser guided ordnance, directed energy weapons, or orbiting surveillance satellites, photonics technology plays a critical role in protecting our soldiers, securing our borders, and defending our way of life. Delivering enabling photonics solutions to the defense community at the speed of relevance, predictably, and at a competitive price – that’s the Coherent mission.

We achieve this by deploying unmatched expertise in the design and production of a diverse range of photonics technologies, including lasers, optics, crystals and specialty fibers. All fabricated in our own US-based, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, enabling us to reliably meet scheduled delivery, and consistently exceed expectations.

For winning photonic solutions to mission critical applications in defense, put Coherent at your command.

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Directed Energy Weapons

HEL DEWs move from science fiction to battlefield reality as new designs yield higher output power and improved SWaP-C optimization. Coherent supports this trend with a range of components, including kilowatt-class fiber amplifiers, gain and beam delivery fibers, pump diodes, optical crystals, and optics for beam delivery, tracking and targeting systems.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems
Next generation airborne and space borne ISR systems target enhanced situational awareness through better performance, smaller package size and reduced weight. Coherent plays a key role in enabling this with high performance freeform optics that minimize total component count and system size, and our unique ability to polish metals to near glasslike precision levels, thus allowing direct integration of optics and mount structures. Plus, we supply essential laser ISR system components, such as pump diodes and gain media.

Heat seeking missiles pose the single most serious threat to pilots, causing 90% of all US air combat losses – this makes IRCMs life-saving tools. Similarly, dazzlers defeat drone guidance systems, surveillance cameras and other sensors to keep our troops out of harm’s way. Coherent powers IRCMs and dazzlers with pump diodes, crystals, specialty fibers and other optical components.

Range Finding and Target Designation
Target designators and rangefinders enable the laser guided and other highly accurate weaponry that have been crucial to maximizing lethality, while minimizing collateral damage, of our operations – especially as our troops are increasingly engaged in urban combat. Coherent pump diodes, crystals and optics hit the mark with their unmatched combination of performance and value.

Remote Sensing/LIDAR
LIDAR and other laser-based remote sensing techniques provide another dimension of battlefield and reconnaissance information, both on land and sea. In addition, more compact, drone- mounted LIDAR systems promise to improve situational awareness for troops on the ground. LIDAR even helps pilots navigate through harsh conditions, and cope with wind or turbulence. Coherent makes sense of it all with advanced crystals, diode lasers sources, specialty fibers and optics.

Fiber optic gyroscopes deliver a unique mix of precision, ruggedness and small size, which has made them invaluable in inertial guidance and stabilization systems. That’s why they’re used on the ground, in tanks and guns – in the air, in missiles and aircraft – and in orbit, in satellites. Coherent turns designs into reality with high quality interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (IFOG) fibers and coils and diode laser light sources.